Sunday August 31, 2008

STAR WARS Villain ZIRO THE HUTT—Fab Gay Alien Or Offensive Stereotype?

This summer’s Star Wars movie—The Clone Wars, an animated feature for kids—is under the radar for most gay folks.

Clone Wars Ziro the Hutt

But those who have seen the film, including designer Michael Magnan (a kid at heart) are experiencing a bit of shock at one of the film’s villains, Ziro the Hutt, the uncle of Jabba the Hutt.

Clone Wars Ziro the Hutt

 In Michael’s words:

“He's like this lisping Southern belle version of Jabba, with neon tribal-makeup all over his lavender body and a feather headband jauntily placed on his head.  He works at a super-seedy dive bar not unlike The Cock, and he conspires with another character to fuck over his nephew so that he can gain power for himself.  Drama queen!  It's sooo Melrose Place!

I don't know what to think!  I'm kind of offended, but I'm kind of in love with Ziro the Hutt!”

Perhaps it was Ziro’s voice that seduced Michael.  Mr. Hutt is meant to sound exactly like legendary fey author Truman Capote.