Friday May 30, 2008

New York Gov Grew Up With GAY "UNCLES"—So Did Lots of Other FAMOUS Folks

David Patterson Gay Uncle




He’s black, blind and a friend of the gays.  New York governor David Patterson has ordered state agencies to legally recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.  (Gay marriages that take place in New York aren’t valid because the legislature has yet to pass a law making them legal.)

In a front-page article in today’s New York Times, Patterson reveals that his strong support for LGBT rights stems from his early exposure to gay people—his babysitters, who he called Uncle Stanley and Uncle Ronald.  “I was raised in a culture that understood the different ways that people conduct their lives. And I feel very proud of it,” says Patterson. 


Stanley and Ronald join a long list of GUs that have had a strong influence on young people’s lives….


Mark Wahlberg gay uncle




Mark Wahberg has said he learned to accept gay people after discovering his late married uncle was a closeted homosexual.  




Heath Ledger gay uncle brokeback mountain



Heath Ledger said his decision to take on his role in Brokeback Mountain was influenced by the experiences of his tough-guy GU.


Beyonce gay uncle





Beyonce revealed in an interview that her GU, who died of AIDS, was her "favorite person in the whole world." 



Emma Thompson gay uncle





Emma Thompson has referred to her GU as "a third parent" who helped mold her sense of humor.




Sean Diddy Combs gay uncle



 Sean "Diddy" Combs  says he got his fashion flair from his GU.





Paul Mogran Hamm gay uncle




Olympic gymnast brothers Paul and Morgan Hamm have spoken about their close relationship with their GU (and their LA—lesbian aunt).




Paul Lynde Uncle Arthur Bewitched gay 


And let us not forget actor Paul Lynde, who  entertained millions as flamboyant Uncle Arthur on Bewitched.




Don't you wish you had a GU?


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