Wednesday April 30, 2008

Now Don't Go Thinking My Comrade is a COMMUNIST Website Just Cause We Launched on May 1st





Linda Simpson here.  I’ve been the editor of My Comrade since it started as a zine in 1987.

My very first task way back then was to come up with the magazine’s name.  I wanted something catchy that reflected the special bond that all gay people share… that particular understanding and respect and camaraderie… Eureka, that’s it!

I can proudly say that My Comrade has managed to live up to its radical sounding name.  Over the years, the magazine has served as an innovative alternative to traditional (and ho-hum) gay media and attracted scores of smart, creative and fascinating readers.

And now it’s time to expand My Comrade’s audience even further with this new invention called the Internet, which has the capability to reach across mighty oceans and the highest mountains!  World domination, here we come!

Dear readers, thank you for joining us on this journey.  My Comrade may have changed vehicles, but its mission of entertaining and informing gay people remains the same.  As always, we’re all in this together.

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