Thursday May 29, 2008

Now This Is What We Call A SPECTACULAR Art Book—Hot GO-GO Action!


Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Joey Lady Fag

My Comrade Editor Linda Simpson reporting...

Artist-photographer Slava Mogutin’s new book, NYC Go-Go, brings back plenty of personal memories.  Many of the photos were taken at Slurp, the rollicking party I used to host at the East Village gay bar the Cock from 2006 to early this year.

The party still exists (with DJs Michael Magnan and Telfar), but the go-go action has been mostly diminished (cheap owner), while all the other parties and venues captured in the book have hit the dust.  

So even though Mogutin’s photos were all taken over the past couple of years, his book is already historic.  All hail to him for documenting a brief and gloriously raunchy nightlife era!

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Here are the cover models—hot-to-trot Joey Grow and Ladyfag, Slurp's #1 female dancer.  Good thing she used deodorant that night. 

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Joey Lady Fag


Jesse was a nice guy, but he got banned from the club for various reasons.  This photo was taken before he covered his face with tattoos.

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Jesse


Slurp’s special clown-night starred artists Malcolm Stuart and Bec Stupak.  What a couple of hams! 

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Malcolm Stuart Bec Stupak


Mystery’s acrobatics were incredible.  Plus, he’s hung like a horse!

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Mystery


Binky would work the late-night go-go shift, amazing the crowd with his wild costumes and ability to stuff inanimate objects us his ass.

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Binky


Mogutin snapped this photo from Slurp’s release party for his previous book, Lost Boys.  Tabboo! in blue absorbs a nubile young dancer.

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock Tabboo! dancer


There he goes, up the stairs, to shake his booty on the bar! 

Slava Mogutin NYC Go-Go Cock dancer

You want to see bigger photos and more Slurp memories?  Then buy the book!  


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