Sunday August 24, 2008

OMG, Just When We Thought REALITY TV Couldn't Get Any More Faggy, Here Comes "GLAM GOD"


Move over Sheer Genius, America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway!  There’s a new reality show in TV-land, and it just might be the faggiest of them all—VH1’s Glam God With Vivian A. Fox.

Hosted by the regal blacktress (clad in an endless wardrobe of garish outfits), the program features 12 stylists competing for $100,000 as they create “red-carpet moments” and other what not.  It’s no surprise that there are several flamers among the contestants, all of whom are hilariously tacky in every way possible.

The most outrageous of them all is the guy on the left, Handry.

Glam God Handry

Utterly sincere and perpetually flustered, with a a heavy foreign accent, he's something straight(!) out of a Saturday Night Live parody or from the comedy vault of wacko comedian Andy Kaufman.  Previews of upcoming episodes show Handry sobbing his heart out as he vows his passion for fashion.  Priceless!

Who knows if he’ll win, but on reality TV, where it's more about making a splash by being quirky or odd, he’s already a star.


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