Monday December 1, 2008

On World AIDS Day, We Remember SYLVESTER - As Portrayed In The New Movie MILK

The scores of talented people cut down during the darkest days of the AIDS crisis include ultra-flamboyant disco singer Sylvester, who died in 1988 at age 40.

During the hippie era, Sylvester moved from L.A. to San Francisco and joined the gender-bending Cockettes.  Later came local success as a dance artist, followed by international fame and a flurry of chart-topping hits.



It’s only fitting that the the new movie Milk, set in the Bay City during the 1970s, includes a scene with Sylvester (performing at an election-night victory party).

Playing the part is Mark Martinez a.k.a. dancer and singer Flava, whose credits include Seigfried and Roy’s Las Vegas show.


How fabulous that the movie has chosen to honor Sylvester’s wonderful spirit.  Like the inspiration for Milk—pioneering politician Harvey Milk— the singer was an gay lib crusader whose life tragically ended way too soon.



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