Sunday May 31, 2009

Photos from BINGO-SKI—Babushka Drag Queens, Stunning Prizes, Ecstatic Winners And Much More!

I’m happy to report that BINGO-SKI was a hilarious success! I think I’m going to do another one in June.

The stunning party room of the East Village Ukrainian Restaurant.


Violet Temper added a few pounds for her role as an Eastern European babushka.


Svetlana serving Siberian chic.


Musik was provided by Tsarina Erin Markey.


Chris Tanner “entertained” the crowd as Polish comedian Zolfie Kaminski.


Linda Simpson (that’s me) fonding the Bingo-ski balls.


Bingo Boyski Matthew Camp was a crowd favorite.  Tarot reader Chelsea gave gypsy realness.


Claire de Loon had the crowd in stitches as former Olympic skater Oksana Baiul.



Happy players Brendan, Kenny, Pailo and Adam


Angela Di Carlo was thrilled with her plushie prizes.


No prizes for Syd and Rae, but they remained in good spirits.


Downtown Manhattan or rural Minnesota?  Thanks for blowing up balloons, Steven!


Butterfingers drop valuable American dollars.

 100% Fun-Ski!


Top Four Photos by Ves Pitts, others by Linda Simpson


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