Tuesday September 2, 2008

Republican PREGNANT-DAUGHTER SCANDAL! Hmm, Sounds Familiar... Remember MARY CHENEY?

“It’s a private family matter!” scream the conservatives when anyone tries to start a conversation about 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s unplanned pregnancy.

Bristol Palin

But when lesbian Mary Cheney, daughter of the Vice President, decided to birth a baby in 2006 to be raised by she and her partner, right-wingers couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

Mary Cheney

“Unconscionable,” fumed the Concerned Women for America.

“We should not enter into yet another untested and far-reaching social experiment,” warned James Dobson of Focus on Family.

“Her action sets an appalling example for young people,” condemned

Conservatives are so gross, always changing the rules as they travel down their mean-spirited path.

If the religious right can spout off about a dyke pregnancy, then why shouldn't the rest of us be able to yak away about a teen breeder's bun in the oven?


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