Sunday July 6, 2008

Rich Girl ROMANCE! Lindsay Lohan's Former Girlfriend COURTENAY $EMEL Is Now Dating CA$EY JOHN$ON—Both Are Woth Zillions!

Courtenay Semel lesbian romance Casey Johnson  Courtenay Semel lesbian romance Casey Johnson

According to today's New York Post, romance is blooming between two very priviliged gals—blond heiress Casey Johnson (whose family owns the Johnson & Johnson empire) and brunette heiress Courtenay Semel (the daughter of the former CEO of Yahoo!).

Courtenay was previously rumored to have been romantically involved with her ex-roommate Lindsay Lohan.

Casey, on the other hand, is a sapphic newbie.  Says a friend: "People are shocked they are together.  Nobody realized Casey was interested in women."

Johnson and Semel live in Los Angeles.  With gay marriage now legal in California, is an ultra-lavish wedding ceremony soon to come?

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