Friday August 8, 2008

Sad News... MR. FASHION, One Of The Stars Of The 1980s East Village Nightlife, Has PASSED AWAY

Mr. Fashion Gerard Little Pyramid Club

Village Voice columnist Michael Musto has announced the death of Mr. Fashion, a.k.a. Gerard Little, who died on Wednesday of HIV-related cancer.

Little was an entertainer throughout his life, but he was best known for being part of the madcap 1980s East Village performance scene, including appearing frequently at the Pyramid Club during its drag-scene heyday.  He was also a Wigstock headliner during its early years.

Little was one of the scene’s few African-American performers, and on stage he portrayed various over-the-top personas, including pimped-out swinger, Jimi Hendrix-like rock star, and disheveled Harlem matron.  In the spirit of the time, his performances, whether he was lipsynching or live singing, were all about exuding raw energy and a joyous sense of ridiculousness.

Mr. Fashion Gerard Little Wigstock

Mr. Fashion Gerard Little Pyramid Club  Mr. Fashion Gerard Little Wigstock

Off-stage, he was sweet, soft-spoken and an enthusiastic supporter of his fellow campsters.  A true bohemian, he never seemed to hold a job, preferring to spend his time socializing with friends and staying out until the wee hours.

Mr. Fashion Gerard Little Pyramid Club

His fame is not enormous, but he did make a vital impact on a bygone underground era, as well as on the many people who regarded him as a colleague and as a dear friend.

Mr. Fashion Gerard Little

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Fashion!


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