Monday July 14, 2008

San Francisco's Legendary TRANNYSHACK Going Out With A Bang... With NYC Providing Most Of The FINAL NIGHT Performers

Trannyshack Heklina

After 12-years at San Francisco’s gay bar the Stud, the famed weekly drag-party Trannyshack is coming to a close. 

For quite some time, the party’s DQ founder and host Heklina has been talking about winding things down and she has meticulously planned its final weeks.

Trannyshack Heklina

Tomorrow marks the party’s final theme night (“Tokyo Tea”), followed by a month of “command performance” all-star shows, with a final "Kiss Off Party" on August 23rd at the piss-elegant Regency Center, adorned with 22 teardrop chandeliers! 

Trannyshack Heklina Kiss Off Party Regency

The long good-bye provides each of Trannyshack's extensive array of performers with a last chance to wow the audience.  Plus a bunch of NYC gals are flying out for the finale: Lady Bunny, Lady Miss Kier of Deee-lite fame, Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters, and Justin Bond.  The last two started their entertainment careers in San Francisco; Ana was one of Trannyshack's fave “real girl” performers. 

Trannyshack Lady Bunny  Trannyshack Lady Kier

Trannyshack Ana Matronic  Trannyshack Justin Bond

Trannyshack Heklina Kiss Off Party

But don’t count Trannyshack out completely—Heklina says the party might transform into a monthly shindig.