Tuesday July 29, 2008

Screw The Earthquake! NYC Scenesters RAINBLO And SHANIA RENDEZVOUS Are Packing Up Their Bags And MOVING To L.A.

A couple of NYC after-dark celebs are relocating to L.A.—and a little thing like the 5.8–magnitude quake that struck Southern California today ain't going to stop them!

Both of them are originally from the Golden State...

Rainblo, one of the nightlife’s most colorful personalities, is moving back to continue his higher education.


He’s leaving behind his “wife” Ladyfag, who he married in a spectacular ceremony at Cain nightclub last year. 

Rainblo Ladyfag Cain wedding

Cain is also where he’s having his good-bye party tomorrow night, hosted by Amanda Lepore.

Also departing to glamorous Cali is drag starlet Shania Rendezvous, who's looking to shift her celebrity-styling career into high gear.

Shania Rendezvous

She’s leaving in September—if California hasn't fallen into the Pacific Ocean by then.

Good-bye bash details to come!