Wednesday May 28, 2008

Sex And The City SCAM! Ebay Merchandise Is FAKE Says Costume Designer Patricia Field

NYC stylist Patricia Field, who costumed both the Sex and the City TV show and the movie...

Patricia Field Sex and the City warning fans of the show to beware of strangers bearing Carrie Bradshaw outfits.

Here’s the message sent from Field's MySpace: 

It has come to our attention that there is a seller on Ebay offering "authentic" Sex and the City merchandise that comes with a "certificate of authority" signed by Patricia herself.
Patricia has NEVER signed such a document, and would NEVER hawk SATC or any other show's used items on ebay.
This is just another scam designed to steal money from the fans.

Oh, well. As Carrie might say: I lost a dress, but I saved something much more important: My dignity.  

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