Wednesday June 25, 2008

Some Really STOOPID RAP GROUP Is Against Wearing TIGHT CLOTHES Because It Promotes "Homosexualism"

The new issue of the Village Voice profiles a Brooklyn rap group with a gimmick: They’re against tight clothes, which they consider to be a dreadful affront to the hip-hop community. 

Thug Slaughter Force Tight Clothes

To get their point across, the members of Thug Slaughter Force, including Drama, Filthy and Tempa (no, they’re not drag queens), have resorted to some homophobic marketing techniques, including this “warning” on their MySpace page:

Thug Slaughter Force Tight Clothes

TSF member Blanco the Don tells the Voice that the words are “in jest” and that he has no problem with “homosexualism.”  However, he also insists that “if you are homosexual, you are not gangsta. There’s nothing gangsta about being homosexual.”

The group also has a song, “Tight Clothes,” which is not destined to be a big seller. Because it sucks.  Your grandma raps better.