Sunday February 15, 2009

STYLISH Folks Strut Their Stuff At Fashion Designer TELFAR's Fab Runway Show

It's Fashion Week in New York City, and hotshot young designer Telfar chose serene St. Mark's Church to show his Fall 2009 collection, featuring ultra-modern clothes for men and women.


As usual at Telfar's shows, the crowd was ripe with lovely and fashionable folks...



 Chic couple David and Solomon.


 Khalid al Gharaballi, who helped produce the show.


Stylist with a unique name: Tr3y Stylez.




DJ Kingdom (left) and pretty pal.


High-heeled beauty.


Artists Scott Hug (left) and Michael Magnan.


Designer Kai Kühne and writer Johnny Misheff.


FOTS (Friends of Telfar) Courtney and Patrik.


Illustrator Robert Richards.


Looking fresh!


Dashing duo!


Lauren and Cameron... always fab!




As for the runway creations... Here's a sample.  For more, go here.



So modern... Perfect for the 21st-Century! 

Congratulations, Telfar!


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