Thursday September 11, 2008

Talk About A Show-Stopping Performance! Dallas DRAG QUEEN Drops DEAD On Stage!


From The Dallas Voice comes news of the shocking death of 55-year-old performer Ilene Alloverya during a recent AIDS benefit at one of the city's gay bars, the Eagle.


Before she hit the stage, Ilene Alloverya told her pal Donna Dumae that she had a dramatic performance in store. 

At one point during her "Nobody Does It Like Me" number, Ilene crawled across the floor to accept a tip from Donna. 

"During the song, he threw out his arms and then just dropped to the floor.  It was incredible.  At first, I laughed, thinking ’Oh Ilene, you were right.  That certainly was dramatic,’" remembers Donna.

But then Ilene didn’t move.  So Donna hit the stage yelling, "Ilene!"  Others in the audience rushed the stage, too.  A registered nurse began cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and Eagle owner JD Buchert began mouth-to-mouth, Donna remembers, "But it was too late." 

"It appears he suffered a massive coronary arrest," Donna says. 


Sad story, but what a legendary way to go!