Thursday July 31, 2008

Thailand School Has So Many TEEN TRANNIES That They Get Their Own SPECIAL BATHROOM

Interesting report from BBC News about a secondary school in Thailand.  It's enrollment includes  a gaggle of budding trannies, some as young as age 12.

Thailand transgender school

The headteacher estimates that 10 to 20% of the boys consider themselves to be transgender.  To accommodate them, the school has built a separate bathroom, where "the girly-looking teenage boys preen their hair and apply face cream." 

Thailand transgender school

Other schools in Thailand are now considering installing third bathrooms of their own.

The report notes that Thailand is well known for its large transgender population, whose members are generally accepted by society.

Thailand transgender school

According to a prominent Thai transgender activist, "Maybe the numbers of gays, of people with sexual identity issues, might be the same as in other countries, but because Thai society and culture tend to be very sweet, very soft, and the men can be really feminine, if we tend to be gay, many of us tend to be transgender."

How long before American high schools catch up with the Thais?  Don't hold your breath...


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