Thursday August 28, 2008


Swatch, Armani and MAC Cosmetics are among the companies who've hired striking looking transsexual Amanda Lepore to appear in high-profile advertising campaigns.  And now comes another: Her ad for Jawbone Bluetooth headsets debuts in this week's issue of The New Yorker.

Amanda Lepore Jawbone Bluetooth headsetsJawbone Bluetooth headsets Amanda Lepore

Lepore's other business deals this summer include her teaming up with Camp Cosmetics to produce her own makeup line.

Amanda Lepore Camp Cosmetics

Also, a New York artist known as Davey has just created an Amanda Lepore "celebriduck."  It floats!

Amanda Lepore Celebriduck



You’ve probably heard by now that the new season of America’s Next Top Model includes its first ever transgender contestant, a young gal named Isis. 

Isis Project Runway

And no one’s more excited than X-rated actress and MySpace blogger Allanah Starr, who was quite moved after she got a sneak peak of a couple of episodes.  

Allanah Starr



"I can't tell you what an overwhelming experience watching this show was for me.  I was on the verge of tears both times Isis survived eliminations.  The sheer joy in her face and her own tears were so very touching to me."

"If you just try to understand the prejudice, lack of opportunities, and rejection that most transsexual people face everyday… to see an out transsexual woman being judged as an equal, and by her own merit, not just because she is a transsexual, is an amazing thing."

Starr gives Tyra Banks a big bravo for providing Isis with a chance to shine.


Jamie Clayton is “the second most beautiful girl in New York”—at least according to a story in today’s New York Observer.

Jamie Clayton


But what makes her worthy of a profile is that the 30-year-old makeup artist spent the first part of her life as a femmy boy.  After high school, she moved to the city, transitioned into a stunning woman (and worked at the drag-themed restaurant Lucky Cheng’s, which the article doesn’t mention) and now navigates a complicated love life.  Turns out that even the prettiest transgender girls have a hard time finding guys who aren’t schmucks.