Thursday June 11, 2009

Veteran Drag Queens Get Set To Play Warhol SUPERSTARS Holly, Candy and Jackie!

A new musical is in the works, I Lived!, inspired by the life of Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn, star of such underground films as Trash and Women in Revolt.

The casting is quite interesting.  Holly and her cohorts Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis were twenty-somethings when they reached the peak of their popularity circa 1970, while the actors portraying them are mostly in the summers of their lives.

Hollywood Woodlawn surrounded by some of the Frances Ethyl Gumm Memorial Players.  Clockwise from left: Brandon Olson (as Holly), Robert Appleton (as Candy), Chirs Tanner (as Jackie's saloon-owner mother Slugger Ann) and Lance Cruce (as Jackie).

But isn’t suspending belief what the theater all about?  (Good makeup helps, too.)


This Sunday, there’s a benefit for the upcoming production at Dance Manhattan, 39 West 19th (between Fifth and Sixth Aves, fourth floor), featuring performances, strippers and cocktails.  Doors open at 6pm and the suggested donation is $20.


Those girls gotta make some money!