Sunday June 29, 2008

We Didn't Have A Zillion Hours To Watch The NYC GAY PARADE—So We Took Pics WHERE EVERYONE LINES UP—Candis Cayne, Randy Blue Studs, Governor David Patterson And More!

Watching the NYC Gay Parade can be fun—for about hour.   Unfortunately, the parade drags on forever, including way too many snore-snore groups who put absolutely no effort into entertaining the bystanders.  Get it together, fags!

So we decided to go right to the Midtown starting point, where we could focus on the more interesting offerings.

Look, it’s Grand Marshall Candis Cayne with big balloons!  There are a lot more behind her, too…

New York gay parade Candis Cayne


The other grand marshal was Gilbert Baker, who we can blame thank for creating the brightly colored gay flag.  Guess what?  He’s from San Francisco!

New York gay parade Gilbert Baker


Stand aside, Gilbert.  Now here's a gay-flag outfit to be proud of!

New York gay parade drag queen rainbow


Lesbian city-council president Christine Quinn shows off her alluring cunnilingus skills.  Oops, a little saliva got into Governor David Patterson’s eyes!  Good thing he's blind...

New York gay parade Christine Quinn David Patterson lesbian


Gay fashions abounded like bright flowers in a fairyland meadow!

New York gay parade fashon flag


One enterprising contingent created this hilariously cheap rendition of the Stonewall Bar.  Unfortunately, we don't think it was supposed to be funny... Hey, if it's a gay bar, shouldn’t the stools be upside down?

New York gay parade Stonewall float


Love this tribal look!  Flesh and flash!

New York gay parade tribal warriors


Friendly leathermen always perk up a parade...

New York gay parade leathermen


As required by law, all gay parades must include nearly naked gym-bunnies showing off their toned bods.  Thank goodness, delivered.

New York gay parade Randy Blue models

Dear Mom, My modeling career is going great.  Today I got a gig on the Nair for Men float…

New York gay parade Nair for Men

Thanks for the looks and the laffs, gays!

New York gay parade drag queen

See ya next year… same gay time, same gay place!