Saturday May 3, 2008

What the...?! We Thought New Art Zine Was GAY, But We Found Out At the Launch Party That It's For BREEDERS!

You gotta hand it to Billy Miller for mixing things up.  Over the past nine months, the long-time editor of Straight to Hell, the granddaddy of all gay zines, has published two more magazines.

First came Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, chock-full of homoerotic images by various artists.  Now comes No Milk Today, which had its launch party on Friday night.

Naturally, we assumed NMT was going to be flaming.  But it turns out the magazine features erotic stimulation for heterosexuals, including lots of naked-girl art.  Talk about subversive!

Lots of gays did contribute, however, and plenty turned out for the party...


Billy Miller, the hetero-loving editor of No Milk Today.


Artist Scott Hug (who's been co-editing Straight to Hell lately) and a copy of the new issue.   It's pocket-size!


A couple of cuties: Artist Michael Bilsborough and NMT's designer Jan Wandrag.


Photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya, whose fantastic new book of portraits is Beloved Object & Amorous Subject, Revisited.


Slava Mogutin gets a kiss from his honey and partner-in-art, Brian Kenny.  The duo just returned from showing their work in Norway, and Slava is getting ready for the release of his new book, a photo essay on NYC go-go dancers.  Sounds hot!


Since it was a magazine party, Nick Weist of Creative Time brought his own hot-off-the-press publication, Drink The New Wine, which highlights the artists in CT's upcoming dialogue-and-voice projects. 

 Who says print is dead?

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