Sunday September 20, 2009

Who Do New York HOOKERS Consider The City’s Sexiest Person? Drag Performer JUSTIN BOND!

According to new a new poll by Time Out New York magazine, local "perverati"—gigilos, sex bloggers, strippers, pornographers, etc.—consider the sexiest person in New York to be girly-boy singer Justin Bond!


The poll doesn't mention what percentage of the participants are male or female... or blind!  Just kidding—here is no denying that Bond eludes an intriguing self-confident sex appeal, and always seems to be in the company of a gaggle of adoring young men (hookers?).


Also in Bond's favor is that he's extremely photogenic and stylish. 



Solidifying his sexy rep most of all is his public transformation.


Bond shot to fame with Kenny Mellman as the demented (and elderly) lounge act Kiki and Herb.


Scrub off the wrinkles and get rid of the fright wig and—Viola!—a lovely butterfly emerges from the cocoon!


A similar showbiz example: Urkel of Family Matters portrayed by all grown-up now (and kinda hunky) Jaleel White.


Time Out's "perverati" also voted the Hitachi Magic Wand as their favorite sex toy. 

Ready for some sweet vibrations, Justin?


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