Thursday May 1, 2008

Wow! Brazilian Superstar Soccer Player Has Romp With THREE Trannie Prostitutes

All of Brazil is buzzing over a sex scandal concerning one of the country’s most famous soccer players and a gaggle of shemale call girls.

The player in question is Ronaldo (no one ever uses his last name).


According to the athlete, on Monday night he brought a trio of prostitutes back to his Rio De Janerio hotel room and then realized they were girls with something extra.  He says he offered them money to vamoose.  But one of the gals wasn’t satisfied with the offer and made a scene.  Someone called the police and the media hopped on the story.

Here’s the trannie who demanded more cash.


She claims that Ronaldo did drugs and had sex with one of her cohorts!

This prostitutes-and-soccer-player scandal is not to be mistaken with an incident concerning another Ronaldo—Portuguese sex symbol Cristiano Ronaldo.


Last year, he and some teammates hired FIVE (female) prostitutes, who blabbed to the tabloids after they didn't get paid enough.

Moral of the stories: Pay your hookers!

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