Tuesday June 17, 2008

X-Rated Transsexual Actress ALLANAH STARR Gets Body Parts MOLDED FOR SEX TOYS!

Soon the entire world will be able to make sweet love to Allanah Starr, winner of “Transsexual Performer of the Year” at the recent AVN Awards (sponsored by Adult Video News magazine). Replicas of her va-va-voom body parts are being made into sex toys by TopCoSales.

On her MySpace blog, she shares memories and photos of undergoing the molding process:

“I am not shy at all, but did feel a bit shy getting instantly nude, with no makeup on, under fluorescent lights, and having people who have for the most part never seen a pre-op transsexual naked before, inspect and touch every part of my body.”

Allanah Starr transsexual porn modling sex toy

“It feels like warm cake batter being poured over you, and then as it hardens it becomes very warm and then it is removed.”

Allanah Starr transsexual porn modling sex toy

“In total they molded everything from my face down to thighs, all in different sections. And of course my penis erect.”

“I was panicked that I would not get hard, or stay hard. I asked the staff how many molds did they usually have to do and they told me from three to five and that sometimes it did take a long time. However, I am pleased to say that it only took two moldings to get my erect penis perfectly cast! Woo-hoo!!! THANKS VIAGRA!”

Allanah Starr transsexual porn modling sex toy

"The staff at TopCo treated me spectacularly and with absolutely none of the 'weirdness' transsexuals get from some companies and people in the industry.  They have been and were extremely accepting, understanding and divine."

Congratulations, Allanah!  Please send photos of the penis mold!

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