Saturday August 23, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, The OLYMPICS Are Great... But Here's Our Advice For SPICING THINGS UP


We strongly recommend these suggestions for the 2012 Summer Olympics...

1) Goodbye Speedos. Hello designer swimwear!


2)  The lack of locker-room coverage is appalling!  Installing dozens of hidden TV cameras would alleviate the problem.


3) Instead of everyone getting mad about China using underage gymnasts, why not just get rid of the age requirement completely?  How cute would it be to watch a 7-year-old dangling high above the ground?!


4) Wrestlers must wear either A) Nothing or B) Funny Mexican outfits.



5) Make “Dart Boobs” an official Olympic sport.


6) Add celebrity judges.


7) Hire some clowns!  They perk up any event.

London, are you listening? 


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