Thursday May 8, 2008

Young Guys with HOT BODS Pose, Blog, Sing!

A whole lotta hottie action lately..

A gaggle of nude "NYC scenesters" are now available for your viewing pleasue on Playgirl's website.  The crew includes DJ Mikie Likesit (top row, far right) and plushie porn star Cory Koons (bottom row, far right).  


Gio, the lead singer of Black Peter Group, has been posting all sorts of interesting stuff on his blog lately, including these recent shots of himself in Paris.

Gio Black Peter nude


And hunky Tommy Hottpants (a former My Comrade centerfold) has been recording some new songs with his band, Machinebird.

Tommy Hottpants shirtless muscles

Thanks for showing off the flesh, guys! 

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